Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

Bridal Makeup

Karolina dedicates quality time to all her future brides with trials held at her modern, french-inspired home studio. She enjoys getting to know the real you and making sure that the image you have in mind for your special day will translate into a timeless masterpiece captured in your photographs. She makes you feel confident, comfortable and truly beautiful in front of all your guests, camera and husband-to-be. You can trust Karolina to enhance the beauty you naturally possess.

Fashion & Event Makeup

Karolina has great industry exposure being fortunate to live amongst the stars in New York City and worked at events in that high fashion world. She has a long list of experience with photo shoots and stage makeup. Whether you are a teenage dancer, well-known performer or an aspiring model building up her portfolio, Karolina has the experience to help you achieve your dreams, goals and create the look you are after.

Creative Makeup

Makeup can also be fun or scary. Halloween or dress up parties are always a good excuse to go that extra step and play with your wild imagination. Dress your face up with diamantes, glitter and a painted mask for that masquerade ball, airbrush it blue, white, black or any colour of the rainbow depending on the character you want to be and make sure to win that "Best Dressed" award. Bring a photo that inspires you and watch your face be transformed.

Beauty & Glamour Makeup

Beauty is what Karolina is most passionate about. Her highest reward is making another woman feel beautiful and putting a smile on your face when you walk out the door. She prides herself in the professionalism and comfort she exudes when working with her clients regardless of age, race or gender. She believes beauty is in eye on the beholder and everyone has it in them to bring that beauty out. It's only up to you, when you are ready to feel your best.

Makeup Classes

If Karolina's style inspires you, come and have a one-on-one lesson or get together with a couple of girlfriends and learn the tricks of the trade. Classes are catered to the look you want to achieve and your personal style. Learn how to compliment your features and be comfortable in your own skin. Boost your confidence choosing the right colours for you, using the right tools and bring along the products you already own to learn how to apply them best. A lesson with Karolina is a great investment into YOU.

Tattoo Cover-up

There are times and occasions where you may feel you need a tattoo, birthmark or scar covered up to feel more at ease within your environment. The cover up can be any size, on any part of the body for both women and men. Karolina uses a variety of techniques including airbrush and renowned brands like MAC and Dermablend to conceal with highly pigmented products and give your skin a smooth, natural and even finish.